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7Eleven Gallery invites you to an event this Friday, February 10th
Featuring "Alchemy" artist Nick Doyle who will be giving FREE tattoos with his artist-made tattoo kit
Come by from 7-10pm for refreshments and some ink
And to see "Alchemy" before the exhibition closes February 18th!
Watch a live feed of the action on during the event





7Eleven Gallery invites you to Alchemy, a group exhibition
January 12th - February 18th, 2012
Opening Reception: January 12th, 6 - 9 pm 
At our previous location: 711 Washington Street, New York, NY 10014
Featuring works by:
Thomas Beale, Lucas Blalock, Nick Doyle, Adam Fuss, GAINES, Elissa Goldstone, Eve Andrée Laramée, Eva Lewitt, Dylan Lynch, Thomas McDonell, Casey Neistat, Lesley Raeside, Jason Reppert, Alex Rickard, Keith Sonnier, Michael St. John, William Stone, John Torreano, Rob Wynne
Curated by Sabrina Blaichman, Caroline Copley & Genevieve Hudson-Price
I had discovered, early in my researches, that their doctrine was no mere chemical fantasy, but a philosophy they applied to the world, to the elements, and to man himself; and that they sought to fashion gold out of common metals merely as part of an universal transmutation of all things into some divine and imperishable substance; and this enabled me to make my little book a fanciful reverie over the transmutation of life into art, and a cry of measureless desire for a world made wholly of essences. - W.B. Yeats, Rosa Alchemica
7Eleven Gallery is pleased to announce “Alchemy”, a group exhibition, running from January 12th – February 18th at 711 Washington Street in the West Village. The exhibition features artists Thomas Beale, Lucas Blalock, Nick Doyle, Adam Fuss, GAINES, Elissa Goldstone, Eve Andrée Laramée, Eva Lewitt, Dylan Lynch, Thomas McDonell, Casey Neistat, Lesley Raeside, Jason Reppert, Alex Rickard, Keith Sonnier, Michael St. John, William Stone and Rob Wynne.
The most common definition of alchemy is the process of turning base metals into gold. Over the years it has also been interpreted, metaphorically, as the transmutation of materials into a higher form; scientifically, as a study of compounds and matter; religiously and mystically, as the union of man and the divine for the goal of achieving a level of perfect balance on a quest for the greater refinement of self.
These interpretations were the inspiration behind the work of the eighteen artists featured in 7Eleven Galleryʼs “Alchemy.” The making of art is alchemy. Artists have the ability to transmute ordinary objects into extraordinary works, giving new meaning to their previous purpose. The artists featured in this exhibition seized this power.
Many of the works directly reference alchemy, while others imply it. Some deal with elements found in nature and their transformation into art; others use science to create natural forms, such as light. Materials found in everyday life are distorted into various structures, which transcend their original significance. Nature, science, mysticism and the altering of common items give a sense of enchantment and wonder to the overall exhibition.
This exhibition was curated by Sabrina Blaichman, Caroline Copley and Genevieve Hudson- Price. 7Eleven is a nomadic art gallery first opened in the Summer of 2008 in the West Village. After two group shows in a warehouse in Chelsea, including 2010ʼs “Make Yourself At Home” featuring seventy-six artists, the gallery has found its way back to the West Village. 7Eleven is dedicated to showcasing the work of young and emerging artists as well as the more established of the art world.
For more information visit
For press inquiries contact [email protected]


Posted By Caroline In Art, Events on November 21, 2011

October 27 - December 10, 2011

Opening Reception October 27, 2011 6-8 pm
Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts is pleased to present TABLETS, an exhibition of new work by Nick Poe. Tablets refers to the format of the objects exhibited, and alludes to prehistoric stone, clay, wax and wooden tablets, as well as contemporary electronic tablets: devices with which to capture and disseminate information. 
The pieces on view are serene, image-less, photo-sculptural compositions. They are hybrids that incorporate print, pigment and fine woodwork almost interchangeably. They dodge prescribed categories of photography, painting and sculpture.  
The series functions as a remedial reflection on the entropic experience of information-overload, and in particular, the burden of sensory and image deluge. The shaped tablets call to attention and contextualize the medium of framing itself and its position aside imagery. The frame serves to highlight and demarcate content (or lack thereof) both literally and conceptually, making a bid to decelerate, and purify, the act of looking and perceiving.

Nick Poe lives and works in New York. He graduated from New York University in 2007 with degrees in filmmaking, art history and drawing.

Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts

526 W. 26th Street #605 New York, NY 10001

(t) 212.463.8500

(f) 212.463.8501


Posted By Caroline In Art, Events on November 21, 2011


Salomon Contemporary presents Judith Hudson: Playboy Advisor, a solo exhibition of works on paper from Sex Advice Drawings, a series that parodies conventional sex column dialogue. Complete with French maid, cheerleader, Kama Sutra, and nurse imagery, the pieces simultaneously serve as skin flicks and moralistic melodramas. Hudson uses self-deprecating humor to counterintuitively step back and explore sex from the tender to the absurd. She turns tables, delights in discomfort, and ultimately sees comedy as empathy.
Whether the question is addressed "Dear Playboy Advisor" or "Doctor", useful solutions to the problems are inherent in the imagery. Mandala speaks to art lovers as Hudson the advisor suggests integrating Jasper Johns into everyday practice. In Eastern Religion, religion and TV are the justifications for, or against getting it on. Packing Light illustrates that necessity is the mother of invention; and Bribe reminds that holding back can be worth the price. 
While the textual works take a more forward approach, others simply allude to, or highlight glimpses of the body. With translucent watercolors, Hudson combines vibrant fluid washes, stylized figures, and delicate detail to portray our hush hush encounters.
Judith Hudson lives and works in New York. She studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and received her MFA from California College of Art. Her series Sex Advice Drawings was recently featured in Bomb magazine and in the past, Hudson's work has been highlighted in numerous publications including the New York Times and Art News Magazine. She has shown at major US galleries, in addition to institutions such as The New Museum, MoMA PS1, and The Drawing Center. Hudson's work can be found in many private collections as well as the public collections of Goldman Sachs, New York Public Library, Prudential Insurance Company of America, and Esquire Magazine.

Thomas McDonell at Kathleen Cullen

Posted By Sabrina In Art, Events, Film on September 22, 2011

Thomas McDonell

September 15 - October 20, 2011
526 W. 26th Street #605 New York, NY 10001
Apple Box Daybed is a new sculpture by Thomas McDonell, and the centerpiece of an exhibition by the same name at Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts.

An 'apple box' is a piece of equipment most often found on film sets and used as a riser to bring props in and out of a camera's frame. In this show, sixty of these boxes have been transformed into a daybed on which visitors to the gallery are invited to sit or lie. 

Also, on the walls of the exhibition are several new pieces that, like the Daybed, recontextualize the visual language of contemporary film production.

Opening reception of Miller v/s Miller today at Benrimon Contemporary, Thursday June 23rd 5PM- 9PM. Featuring artists Nachume and Danny Miller.

This exhibition is a visual exploration of Nachume Miller’s legacy, not only as a painter but as a mentor and father. It captures how Danny Miller has built upon this influence to branch out, and create his own unique style. 

514 West 24th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10011 USA,
telephone: 212 924 2400 facsimile: 212 659 0054 electronic: [email protected]
Monday - Saturday 10am - 8pm, Sunday 12am - 6pm

As Far As The Eye Can See

Posted By Caroline In Art, Events, Photography on June 16, 2011

If you find yourself in Columbia County this summer, go see this exhibition!

Performing Coordinates: Cityscapes Revised

Curated by Zoe Lukov

Opening reception June 22nd, 6-9pm

Abrazo Interno Gallery at CSV: 107 Suffolk Street

Featuring works by: Carlton DeWoody, Lucas Flores Piran, Chibi Lai, Wayne Liu, Zenith Richards, Reyes Santiago Rojas and Georgia Wall

Using the Clemente Sato Velez Center and its presence in New York's Lower East Side as a point of departure, Performing Coordinates: Cityscapes Revised investigates the performance of our individual identities upon the layered physical spaces we inhabit. The LES is the neighborhood in which new immigrants to NY have settled and where today hipsters, scenesters, artists and young professionals lay claim to the stories, cultures and peoples that define this contested territory. Performing Coordinates seeks to re-envision the cartography of the city as a palimpsest of histories that engage and affect the people who occupy it.

Alex Massouras is having his first Solo Show in New York City this Thursday, April 7th with an opening reception from 6 - 8 at SkyLight Projects (551 West 21st Street #410A). 

You can find works by Alex in the 7Eleven Shop Section

Alexander Massouras (b. 1981, England) currently lives and works in London. He has exhibited widely at numerous venues in the UK and US, including Muse at 269 (solo), London, UK; the Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK; Lyndhurst Way, London, UK; Jerwood Space, London, UK; the Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen, Wales; and 7Eleven Gallery, New York, NY. A selection of his work was shown at the Laing Art Museum in Newcastle, England for the most recent Northern Print Biennial, and he currently features in the Contra portfolio curated by Julian Page and Georgie Gerrish. Last year, he was shortlisted for the Gilchrist Fisher Award and the Jerwood Drawing Prize. This is his first solo show in New York City.

John Torreano Variety Show

Posted By Caroline In Art, Events on December 7, 2010

One of our favorite artists, John Torreano, has organized a variety show at the Gershwin Hotel on December 7th at 8pm. Featuring co-founder of 7Eleven / hilarious comedienne, Genevieve Hudson-Price!

Cover $10.00


Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to present William N. Copley X-RATED, a large-scale recreation of the artist’s 1974 exhibition in the former Huntington Hartford Museum on Columbus Circle. Highly original, libidinous, and unapologeticly joyful, the paintings were unlike anything being made at that time. 

This body of work, painted between 1972 and 1974, represents a pivotal leap in the artist’s style and is rich with irreverent yet ambitious compositions, unbridled combinations of highly-keyed colors, and generous doses of off-beat humor.

CPLY (the artist’s self-chosen moniker) here presents single figures, pairs, and the occasional group–their gestures and actions translated from magazines procured in seedy 42nd street emporiums–posing and coupling eagerly amid vivid arrays of abstract patterns and lyrical motifs, romping furniture, and tilting planes of scumbled color. Throughout, CPLY strives to uncover the joy and poetry in this most unlikely of subjects, with the belief that “humor, after all is the reminder that we are mortal.” It is a body of work that stands alone in Copley’s ouvre and resolutely apart from the driving narratives in the contemporary art world of the early 1970s.

As a painter, writer, gallerist, supporter, and publisher, the artist blazed a singular path through numerous territories of post-war art, along the way charting a vital link between the European Surrealist and the American Pop Art movements. A fully-illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition, featuring a new essay by Anne Doran and a reprinting of CPLY’s memoir Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dealer, an outrageous chronicle of his short-lived but legendary Surrealist gallery in Beverly Hills.

William N. Copley was born in 1919 and passed away in 1996. His work is in private and public collections worldwide. CPLY has been the subject of numerous single artist shows and a traveling retrospective at the Kunsthalle Bern, Centre Georges Pompidou, and the Stedelijk Van Abbesmuseum, and has taken part in important group exhibitions including in documenta 5 and documenta 7. 

“There is no art in the world that looks like the art of Bill Copley.” – Ed Ruscha

“Bill Copley’s work is to die for…” – Andy Warhol

“There was a painter named Copley who never would miss a good lay and to make his paintings erotic instead of brushes, he simply used his prick.” – Marcel Duchamp

“Cply cmpltly cptvts me.” – Roy Lichtenstein

“Copley est un rire de nuage.” – Jean Arp

For More Information, please contact Nick Olney at [email protected]

For Image Requests, please contact Mark Markin at [email protected]

The Mexican Suitcase at ICP

Posted By Sabrina In Art, Events, Photography on October 21, 2010

The Opening of Robert Capa’s Mexican Suitcase

Many of us know the story of Robert Capa, the revered war photographer who gave the world insight into the action and violence of battle from a close up, outsider perspective. However, many of us don’t know about the Mexican Suitcase.

The last contact with the film occurred in Paris. Left behind with a friend for safekeeping before Capa fled to New York to escape the onslaught of German soldiers, the boxes disappeared during the course of the war.

After attempts by his brother, Cornell Capa to recover the missing negatives in the late seventies, and close to 80 years of dead end searches, the images these negatives hold will finally be seen by the public.

The exhibition is organized by assistant curater Cynthia Young.  The Mexican Suitcase provides an important and historical context for the work of three impassioned war photographers, and in doing so may call to mind the missing negatives of a more current state of war.

For more information on the story of the Missing Suitcase:

For images from the exhibition and press release:

Kathleen Cullen Fine Arts presents The Playful Paw-Strokes of the Wilderness by Sebastian Black from September 9th- October 9th, 2010.

Consider the Oyster Group Show

Posted By Caroline In Art, Events on September 16, 2010

Curated by Ingrid Dinter at James Graham and Sons

Artists include: Billy Copley, Lance De Los Reyes, Judith Hudson...

John Newman Sculptures and Drawings

Posted By Caroline In Art, Design, Events on September 1, 2010

September 16- October 30, 2010 At the Texas Gallery in Houston, TX