7Eleven is a non-traditional, nomadic art gallery that utilizes idle New York Real Estate to produce group exhibitions. 7Eleven is dedicated to showcasing young and emerging artists along with established figureheads of the art world.


7Eleven opened in the summer of 2008 at 711 Washington Street in the West Village. The gallery then found residence in a Chelsea warehouse from the spring of 2009 to the summer of 2010.  We are now back in our original West Village location.


Rather than adopt a gallery-as-sanctuary mentality, 7Eleven encourages artists to work freely, altering the temporary gallery space as they see fit. Exhibitions introduce a broad range of contemporary art in innovative settings.

The name of the gallery reflects on the consumer mindset of the contemporary art market. 7Eleven hopes to redirect this trend by making the relationship between art and commerce more meaningful, proactive and socially conscious, tipping the scales more toward the artistic side of the balance.

The gallery also houses a gift shop where artists, independent NYC-based companies and friends of 7Eleven can sell smaller works, clothing, Jewelry, furniture, books and CDs not readily available in the marketplace.